Information that is collected

Cardplus Fuelcards Pty Ltd (“Cardplus”) collects information in the following ways:

(1) The application forms completed by applicants for fuelcards.
This information includes the name, address, telephone and fax numbers, estimated monthly fuel expenditure of the applicants for fuelcards.

(2) Credit history information
Applicants for fuelcards provide certain financial information about themselves to Cardplus to support their application. They also consent to Cardplus making inquiries about their credit financial history and status of third parties.

(3) The use of CardplusFuelcards.
This information includes details of the type and volume of products purchased by the holders of fuelcards, and the dates and place of purchase.

(4) Web site ‘cookies’
This information includes details about usage patterns of persons who access its website.

Why the information is collected

The information is collected to:

  • enable Cardplus to provide a commercial services to the holders of fuelcards
  • to enable holders of fuelcards to obtain credit for purchase of products at Shell service stations
  • contact holders of fuelcards from time to time with offers of other products and services offered by Cardplus

Consequences of not providing information

Any or all of these purposes may not be properly fulfilled if holders of fuelcards do not provide the requested information.

Provision of information to others

The information collected will be provided to other persons or organisations in the following circumstances:

(1) Information collected by Cardplus will be provided to Cardplus Ltd, a New Zealand resident company. Shareholders of Cardplus also have interests in Cardplus Ltd. Cardplus Ltd provides administrative support to Cardplus. The information is provided to Cardplus Ltd to hold for the benefit of Cardplus.

(2) Information collected by Cardplus may be provided to suppliers of debt collection services where the fuelcard holder is in breach of its payment obligations.

(3) Information collected by Cardplus may be provided to it’s appointed fuel supplier being Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd.

Accuracy of information

Cardplus will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information it collects is accurate, complete and up-to-date, including by occasionally requesting holders of fuelcards to verify their information.

Inspection of information

Except where otherwise provided by law, holders of fuelcards are able to obtain a copy of the information which Cardplus holds about them by making a request to Cardplus in writing to the following address:

The Privacy Officer
Cardplus Fuelcards Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 38-307, Wellington Mail Centre, Wellington, NZ 5045

Links to other web sites

Cardplus’ website may provide links to the websites of other persons’ and organisations and in these cases, will ask these persons and organisations to provide assurances that they comply with all relevant privacy laws. Holders of fuelcards are, however, advised to satisfy themselves about the privacy standards of these other persons and organisations.


Holders of fuelcards have a right to remain anonymous in transactions with Cardplus but claiming this right would prevent them accessing the benefits afforded by using the fuelcard.

Security of information collected

All information will be stored electronically on password-protected computers and back-up discs/compact discs which are kept in secure locations.

Cardplus’ internet site and email services are protected by recognised firewall software which is designed to prevent access by third parties.


Holders of fuelcards may lodge complaints with Cardplus if they are concerned with any aspect of Cardplus’ privacy policy. Complaints should be sent in writing to:

The Privacy Officer
Cardplus Fuelcards Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 38-307, Wellington Mail Centre, Wellington, NZ 5045

Cardplus will consider any complaint and will use all reasonable endeavours to resolve the complaint.

A person dissatisfied with how Cardplus has dealt with the complaint may make a complaint to the Information Commissioner appointed under the Australian Information Commissioner Act 2010.

Changes to policy

Any change to this policy will be notified to holders of fuelcards by notices posted on Cardplus’ website.