By applying to Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd (‘Viva Energy’) for a Viva Energy account or to act as a guarantor in relation to a Viva Energy account, I, as the Customer/Guarantor, as applicable, acknowledge that I will be providing personal information about me to Viva Energy. I acknowledge that this personal information, and any other personal information Viva Energy collects, or has collected about me (‘personal information’) will be used by Viva Energy:

  • to enable it to assess the application for a Viva Energy account; and
  • if the application is approved, for the subsequent administration of the Viva Energy account.

Personal information includes:

  • details that identify an individual, such as name, sex, date of birth, current and previous addresses, current and previous employers and an individual’s driver’s licence number;
  • the fact that a person has applied for credit, including the amount, or details of credit that has been previously provided, or that an individual has been a guarantor under a credit contract; and
  • other information about credit standing, credit worthiness, history or capacity that credit providers can disclose, including a consumer credit or commercial credit report.

I consent to Viva Energy collecting, using and disclosing my personal information for the relevant purposes described in this declaration and I acknowledge that without this information Viva Energy may be unable to process or accept the application or administer the Viva Energy account.

I consent to Viva Energy collecting information derived from a consumer credit report about me for the purposes of assessing the application for a Viva Energy account including to assess me as a guarantor.  I also consent to a trade insurer collecting information derived from a consumer credit report about me for trade insurance purposes.

I consent to Viva Energy (and any of its Australian and overseas related bodies corporate and associated entities) using or disclosing my personal information, including credit related information, for each of the following additional purposes:

  • performing administrative tasks and managing business operations;
  • unless I advise otherwise, telling me about products or services of Viva Energy and other organisations;
  • product development and research; and
  • risk assessment, management and modelling.

I consent to Viva Energy disclosing my personal information for use in connection with any of the purposes that Viva Energy is authorised to use my personal information and for other purposes specified below, to:

  • its related bodies corporate and associated entities;
  • other organisations that have the right to use Viva Energy trademarks;
  • credit reporting bodies;
  • any current guarantor or to any prospective guarantor considering whether to act as guarantor or provide security;
  • organisations providing processing and other support functions to credit providers;
  • service providers (including delivery companies, mail houses and debt collectors, legal and accounting firms, auditors, management consultants and other advisers for the purposes of administering and advising Viva Energy);
  • other product providers, such as those providing consumer credit insurance;
  • any programme managers, bonus partners and rewards suppliers involved in any loyalty program associated with Viva Energy and any relevant commission agents or referrer entities relevant to the Viva Energy account;
  • other organisations to which Viva Energy is required by law, or authorised by me, to disclose my personal information;
  • potential purchasers and their advisers (in the event of a sale or other disposal of Viva Energy); and
  • government and regulatory authorities, and other parties where required or authorised by law; and

I acknowledge and agree that such disclosure may involve a transfer of my personal information overseas, for example to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and the United States of America.

I acknowledge that credit reporting bodies may include personal information about me in a consumer credit report about me to assist credit providers to assess my credit worthiness and that if I fail to meet payment obligations or commit a serious credit infringement, Viva Energy may disclose this to a credit reporting body.

The credit reporting bodies with which Viva Energy deals include illion Australia Pty Ltd ( ; and Equifax ( Each credit reporting body’s website contains information about how they handle credit information, how such information can be accessed, their processes for handling complaints and customers’ rights to control the use of such information, for example, to request that my information not be used for pre-screening of direct marketing by credit providers or to request a credit reporting body not to disclose my credit related information without my consent during the 21 day period commencing when I report to the credit reporting body that I have been, or am likely to have been, the victim of fraud. I acknowledge that Viva Energy’s privacy policy ( contains information about how I may request access to, and correction of, my personal information collected and held by Viva Energy (and its related bodies corporate and associated entities) as well as Viva Energy’s privacy complaints handling procedures. For this purpose, Viva Energy’s may be contacted as follows:

By email:

By post: Viva Energy Privacy Officer
GPO Box 872, Melbourne Vic 3001

By telephone: 13 16 18

I acknowledge that I can opt out of receiving promotional or advertising material at any time by contacting Viva Energy using the details above.

I authorise Viva Energy to make any enquiries (including obtaining a consumer credit report) concerning my credit worthiness or as to the accuracy of the information provided in this application. I consent to any credit report concerning me being made available to Viva Energy for the purposes of assessing this application for a Viva Energy account. I authorise Viva Energy to use that report or any information derived from that report in assessing this application and for any purposes permitted under the Privacy Act 1988. Further, I authorise Viva Energy to disclose and receive personal information to and from a credit reporting body, and to make such additional checks that Viva Energy deems necessary, for the continued assessment of my creditworthiness.

All personal information collected by Viva Energy will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and Viva Energy’s Privacy Policy (at as amended from time to time.