Yes. Any company applying for the Cardplus business fuel card will need an ABN number.

The Cardplus fuel card is welcomed at all Coles Express and Shell-branded independent service stations nationwide, approx 1100 in total. Refer to the Shell Fuel Finder for state locations.

The discount from your Cardplus fuel card applies to Unleaded 91; Unleaded 95; Premium Unleaded;  V-Power; Unleaded blended with 10% Ethanol; and Diesel. There is no discount on LPG (Gas) although this product can still be purchased with the Shell fuel card.

Yes, just let us know what product restrictions you require on each card when you make your application and we can ‘enable’ the card accordingly. For example, you may wish to have the Fuelcard only accept Diesel, or you may wish to prevent shop purchases on the card etc. This option is available to give you more control and security on expenditure on each card, as required.

Yes, for security reasons your Cardplus Fuelcard will require a PIN. The is a four digit number of your choice and is set up when the fuel card is first used at the Point of Sale (ie console terminal) at the Coles Express or Shell-branded service station.

You will receive an itemised statement and tax invoice in PDF format to your email address from Cardplus Pty Ltd on the 1st business day of the following month. The invoice will clearly show the original pump price of the fuel purchased and the discount applied, together with a due date when the direct debit transaction will take place – this is direct debited 7 days after the invoice is sent.

No, Cardplus Fuelcards only accept Direct Debit payments and a Direct Debit authority needs to be completed at the time of the fuel card application.

Yes, the $4 card fee will still be invoiced as normal at the end of the month irrespective of whether the Fuelcard is used during the period. Remember that there are no transaction costs and the card can be used as many times as needed during the month as long as it remains within the agreed credit limits.

There are no set up costs when you apply for a Cardplus Fuelcard. Additional or replacement cards can be ordered at any time by the account holder through Customer Service on email Any account cancelled in the first twelve months will, however, incur the balance of the 12 month card fee, ie up to a maximum of $48 per card, to cover administration costs – this is payable by the account holder.

No, currently the Coles fuel saver voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any Shell fuel card, including Cardplus. However with the Cardplus Fuelcard you are guaranteed to save 4c per litre every time the card is used.

Each time you go to a Shell-branded outlet, swipe your card like an ATM card. You will be required to enter your PIN and sign the docket. Your account is charged with your purchase and the discount is applied at invoice stage.

The only fees are $4 per card, per month.

Yes. Each card can have an individual limit.

You should receive your card in approximately 10 days.

Email to request a new direct debit form. It will then be emailed for you to print, complete and post back. Include your account number for our reference.

Email indicating what you would like your limit increased to. Or do it online here.

Email with the details for the Fuelcard, eg. embossing detail for card, limit and restrictions.
Email with your account number and reason for replacement Fuelcard, eg. lost/stolen/damaged etc.