Running a vehicle fleet can be hard work, time consuming and expensive. Choosing the right fuel card for your small business is important. At CardPlus we offer business customers the chance for a simpler and more secure way to buy fuel. Choose our Shell business fuel cards and we’ll make running your fleet a whole lot easier and cheaper!

Using debit cards, credit cards or cash to buy fuel for your vehicles is not only inconvenient for your drivers but can lead to endless administrative headaches. CardPlus will streamline the process. Our company petrol cards represent a network of Shell branded service stations that your drivers can use across the country. We’ll also help you behind the scenes by consolidating all your fuel transactions to one bill.

One monthly invoice keeps your accounting simple and better records mean more efficient monitoring and control over your company fuel expenses. Better still, you’ll see the value every day through discounted pump prices and other savings from our nationwide network of Shell business fuel card partners.

We’ve made it easy to get set up with a business fuel card account. Apply online and choose as many individual company petrol cards as you need – they’ll all be conveniently linked to the one account. Once you have your corporate fuel cards, simply fill up at any one of the sites on our network using your secure PIN access. It’s the way smarter businesses manage their fuel costs, saving their business time and money.